Author: Dori Lieber

Great companies hire great people to do great work. Life happens, people grow, they move on. The empty seats they leave behind must get filled. Top Human Resource pros never stop searching for outstanding new talent that can grow, innovate, invigorate and make their company more successful.

Explore Dise & Company’s Population Health Executive Recruitment Experiences through the eyes of their Expert Researcher, Dori Lieber

Matching the best candidates for any executive position is not a simple process. Each new opportunity is an exciting journey of research, interaction, recommendation, and resolution. Once Dise & Company has been selected to conduct an organization’s executive recruitment, my intensive research begins. Locating and qualifying outstanding candidates means digging beneath superficial attributes and qualifications to determine whether the individual meets our client’s needs at every level.

In a growing company, recruiting qualified executive staff is critical to sustaining growth. You may already have your company’s business plan in place to travel the exciting pathway to success, but execution will be the challenge. You realize that you cannot do it alone nor can you rely only on the core group that has gotten you this far. The journey requires a talented executive staff with proven decision-making skills and project management capability.