Author: Phyllis Webb

I’ve spent the majority of my career in IT, directing large project teams and organizations by building and supporting business systems. There was a lot of satisfaction for me during that part of my career, working with smart people to create systems that allowed our business to achieve aggressive goals. I look back  fondly on what was accomplished by my teams and what I learned. One thing I learned very clearly, and was beautifully articulated by a previous boss, is:

“Technologies come and go…it’s people that make the difference.”  

The why, what, and how of finding your perfect candidate during a job search.

As someone who spent many years developing IT applications, I’ve learned that getting the requirements right from the start is a top priority. There are many details to define as you move through the project development life cycle. Many things can change during the life cycle, but when developing and delivering a successful system clearly defining basics at the beginning of the project is critical.