Which “A” player is best for you?

Wedged between a recession and a recovery, most  organizations have reduced their workforces to save money and remain viable. Many corporate bosses are evaluating talent to identify and retain top performers, and recruit the “A” players who will position them to be competitive in the years ahead.

Career management is not just a nicety—it’s a necessity

I never saw it coming.” That’s what many executives and  managers say after they’ve lost their job. “How did it happen?”—“Well one day they called me into the front office and told me I didn’t want to work there anymore.”  And now they’re just another statistic. One of the current 15.1 million people  in the United States who are unemployed.

Finding a job in a recession is not easy.  Even in good times, a successful job search requires time, patience, and creativity.  These days, hiring managers and executives are choosier than ever and looking for reasons to screen people out, i.e., they are looking for reasons not to hire you.  However, if you’re able to avoid the most common job search mistakes, you can still land your perfect job, even in this tough market.