You encouraged your daughter to study abroad with the  thought that she may take up international business upon graduation, and she came back fascinated by wine production. Now she’s working as an assistant manager at a local wine bar-a job she could have landed without a degree.

You sent your son to State U with the idea that something would click for him there, professionally- like it did when you went there. He graduated, but now he’s working in pizza delivery and you cannot understand why he seems content with his job.

My leadership stinks … NOW WHAT?

  • Micromanagement is not leadership. It’s higher pay for lower level work.
  • Delegation is emancipation. Nothing else helps you see organizational strengths and weaknesses. Delegation frees you to work on your business not just in your business.
  • Shooting down ideas assassinates the best minds on your payroll.

The shock is tremendous when you first learn that your job has been taken away from you. Stunned, frightened, angry-these are the first feelings you’ll experience.  

Losing your job is one of the worst feelings there is. Yet, you are about to enter a potentially interesting, challenging and liberating life experience. How you respond and the actions you take can determine your financial health, career direction and happiness of your family for the rest of your life.

Commit yourself to these 12 things and you’ll experience a much quicker and more satisfying resolution to your job transition.

Providing Job Search Assistance, Outplacement, is more than doing the right thing.  You have worked hard to establish your brand. You have invested years, sleepless nights and many, many dollars to make your brand stand out. Do employees you lay-off remain brand ambassadors for your organization?...

Is COVID 19 Killing the war for talent? Don’t bet on it. The American economy is a vast organism that has bounced back quickly from devastating events in the past. Baby boomers are exiting the workforce in ever greater numbers. ...

15 days into lockdown. What have we learned as a business at Dise & Company?   

On a personal level, COVID-19 has influenced and reinforced my thinking about how to make more time for the people and things that are most important to me and should never wait for my attention ever again. I have always tried to live my life that way but realize that I may have fallen short at times in staying connected enough to those that have been important in my life. Today’s challenges have reminded me to always keep that as my primary way to live.

In this lockdown period, as I think about my business and how important relationships have been in sustaining our success at Dise & Company, I have also learned that reaching out and staying connected is critical now, today, and going forward as we are really all in the same boat.

I have been overwhelmed with positive responses from our clients as my colleagues at Dise & Company have reached out to past and current search and outplacement clients and candidates, letting them know that we are thinking about them and hoping that their critical businesses continue forward successfully. As we reach out, we have realized how many candidates have been placed over the years through our efforts and continue to be successful at so many companies and nonprofit organizations throughout Northeast Ohio.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity over so many years to contribute to the success of so many organizations in the greater Cleveland community and beyond. More than that, we are grateful to hear about the positive and creative ways our clients are dealing with the challenges that are facing our business community.

Remember to stay in touch during these critical times. You may learn some things about yourself and will learn about the good work going on all around us.  Stay safe everyone. 

Make this lock-down a positive experience for your career. 

Wash your hands, sit down and ask: “What’s the best I could hope for in my next job?”

  • Be called back from my previous employer?
  • Same job, different place 
  • Engage in a mission I was meant for?
  • Start or buy my own business?

Crazy or smart at such a time of uncertainty? For most, there is incredible pressure to get a new income stream as soon as possible. Bills, healthcare, 401-K, eating…the list doesn’t end. it’s hard to turn off your brain and think about anything else.

Assuming this Covi-geddon dies a well-deserved death... you WILL go back to work. Employers will need to make up for lost revenue and you will need to rebuild your savings.

This could be an opportunity of a lifetime. You have the time. Use it.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” – H. Ford

On average, you’ll work about 85,000 hours in your career. An incredible investment! Work dominates your waking hours. Have you asked yourself, “what do I really want to do next”? What’s stopping you?

No time? No money? No degrees? No clue?

Many people have overcome even bigger obstacles. They probably aren’t much smarter or better looking than you are. One thing’s for certain, they decided to decide.

  • Ask yourself: what skills have I learned?
  • What are my God-given abilities?
  • What are my strongest interests and passions?
  • What do I value regarding workplace culture?
  • What possible employer needs can I meet?
  • Who has problems I can solve with my skills?
  • Who is doing this job right now? How can I meet them?

This crazy Lock-Down can be a Lift-Off for your career. It’s up to you to decide. For help: Contact Mark Gonska – Career Accelerator, Dise & Company 440.452.4398

Let’s talk – by phone video chat platforms or email. 

When will this lockdown end? What can I do? You can’t answer every question. No one can. You CAN decide to snatch this time away from the Covi-geddon disruption. With a crisis comes opportunity. Seize the day! Ask questions only you can answer....