Chris Thompson On The Power Of Collaboration vs Co-blaboration

Chris Thompson On The Power Of Collaboration vs Co-blaboration

Wicked, persistent challenges beyond the control of any single leader or institution plague our communities.

Yet, some communities are able to create sustained  positive change in such diverse areas as education, entrepreneurship, homelessness and quality of place. How do these communities sustain progress where others fail? Leadership.

In an era where power is diffuse and lines of authority are absent leadership is more important than ever. But what kind of leadership?

Chris Thompson, Director of Regional Engagement for the Fund for Our Economic Future, will share examples of how two distinct forms of leadership – galvanizing leadership and collaborative leadership – are key to moving our communities and our region forward. Learn the role philanthropy is playing in Northeast Ohio to promote these types of civic leadership and how you can use your leadership skills to promote sustained,positive change in your communities.

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