Corporate Executive Search

Our Process Delivers Eminently Qualified Candidates

We Work Across All Industries

Dise & Company has a depth of experience in many industries that range in size from Fortune-ranked companies to smaller, family-owned businesses. Working with start-ups and entrepreneurs is a growing strength for our firm. From healthcare to manufacturing, finance to technology, and transportation to law, our team members have strong relationships across a broad spectrum of sectors. We also have noteworthy experience in nonprofit executive search

Finding the Right Candidates

All organizations say their biggest challenge is finding good executive talent. However, the best executive candidates are often invisible to corporate and nonprofit leaders because companies and organizations are not in the business of finding talent—that is what we do. 


Clients choose Dise & Company for talent acquisition because we deliver outstanding candidates that fit. Because you can’t size up fit on a resume, during a simple interview, or from an assessment test, we spend considerable time getting to know both clients and candidates. 


Simply put, unfilled senior-level and executive management positions are a costly drain on productivity and the wrong hire can be very expensive for any organization.

The Advantages of Professional Search

  • There is no costlier mistake than a bad hire—we help you avoid this.
  • Our process saves you time, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • The best candidates may not be job hunting—our robust network and research capability connects us with savvy professionals across all industries, including nonprofits.
  • We are skilled at promoting your opportunity to highly desirable candidates. By building trust and rapport, we take an ideal candidate from barely interested to enthusiastically interviewing.
  • Thoroughness and a high level of professionalism are inherent in our searches.
  • We give serious consideration to candidates’ interests to ensure the best fit. Accordingly, candidates listen carefully to us when we call.
  • We’ve done this before—thousands of times—resulting in relationships with professionals in a variety of roles. We not only retain our connections for years, but build new relationships by treating people with respect every day.
  • We manage the slate and handle the entire process until your ideal employee is in place.

Your people make the difference. Our people get it.

Tackling talent needs head on is the key to our chief officer recruiting services. We help leaders fill healthcare executive jobs and take those decisive actions that will improve both their organizations and their people.