Corporate Group Outplacement

We Work Onsite to Guide You through Layoffs and Staff Reductions

Corporate Group Outplacement

Whether you are eliminating a small department or shutting down an entire facility, Dise & Company can help. 

  • No matter how large a group, we understand that termination is highly personal.
  • Before a layoff or plant closing occurs, Dise & Company helps prepare communication plans and logistics to ensure that all legal issues regarding employees are covered.
  • Through our experience, we understand what can go wrong, how to avoid it, and how to handle unforeseen reactions so that a group layoff goes as smoothly as possible. We have helped thousands of clients in dozens of industries through extremely difficult times.
  • Dise & Company designed its group outplacement process to get separated employees on a positive path as quickly as possible and to ensure that they do not have hostility toward their former employers.
  • By doing the right thing, our clients provide a bridge to the future for the separated employee while protecting themselves from costly litigation and reputational damage.

The sincerity and empathy we bring to group outplacement programs are designed to defuse tense situations. Importantly, Dise & Company is with you at every step in the process.

The Proven Benefits of Outplacement

  • It gets people quickly back to work again. We are experts at putting people on a path to new jobs.
  • It prevents damaging retaliation. Whether an angry social media post (or worse), attacks on employers are greatly reduced by providing outplacement services.
  • It creates goodwill. Employees remaining with the company will see how well separated employees are treated. Doing the right thing improves retention, morale, future recruiting, productivity, and the bottom line.
  • It makes brand ambassadors out of separated employees who are treated with dignity.

Your people make the difference. Our people get it.

Tackling talent needs head on is the key to our chief officer recruiting services. We help leaders fill healthcare executive jobs and take those decisive actions that will improve both their organizations and their people.