Outplacement Services

When Employee Terminations Are Necessary

Outplacement Services Are Essential to Your Brand Reputation

Employee terminations—whether individual or group layoffs—are littered with landmines, pitfalls, surprises, and stress. Dise & Company can help your organization through this difficult time with professional and compassionate outplacement services. Offering this assistance is not only the right thing to do for affected employees, it is the wise thing to do for the employer.

Dise & Company offers two types of outplacement:  

  1. Individual and Executive Outplacement when one person, perhaps an executive, is being let go.
  2. Group Outplacement when there are division or department layoffs or when a facility is being closed.

The Proven Benefits of Outplacement

  • It gets people quickly back to work again. We are experts at putting people on a path to new jobs.
  • It prevents damaging retaliation and litigation. Whether an angry social media post (or worse), attacks on employers are greatly reduced by providing outplacement services.
  • It creates goodwill. Employees remaining with the company will see how well separated employees are treated. Doing the right thing improves retention, morale, future recruiting, productivity, and the bottom line.
  • It makes brand ambassadors out of separated employees who are treated with dignity.

Your people make the difference. Our people get it.

Tackling talent needs head on is the key to our chief officer recruiting services. We help leaders fill healthcare executive jobs and take those decisive actions that will improve both their organizations and their people.