Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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  • At Dise & Company, we have long held that executive recruiters are key to fostering diversity in hiring as well as promoting inclusion in the workplace. Of late, there is a renewed focus on such efforts, rightly prompted by increased awareness of the moral imperative to do better and as a necessity for businesses to succeed.
  • The research is clear: profitability improves when gender diversity increases. Companies with ethnic and cultural diversity in their executive ranks consistently outperform peers that lack it. Employee morale and retention are enhanced when an array of viewpoints and experiences are in the mix.
  • Talk to us about a strategy to cultivate a more diverse talent pool. Because meaningful change starts at the top, we can work with company leadership to create initiatives that address the issues of diversity and cultural inclusion. 

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Tackling talent needs head on is the key to our chief officer recruiting services. We help leaders fill healthcare executive jobs and take those decisive actions that will improve both their organizations and their people.