Find the Best People! It’s not easy in today’s talent market.

Find the Best People! It’s not easy in today’s talent market.

To succeed in today’s environment, you must have the highest caliber of employees possible at every level, regardless of your industry. In today’s fast-paced world with an increasingly tight market — particularly for executive and management talent — Dise & Company   grasps the challenges that must be met in recruiting for key positions.

Simply put, we believe that using a professional recruiter is the only way that a company can truly identify the very best candidates — those with outstanding skills and experience — as well as those that are culturally compatible with your organization that will also make them the right candidate.

Using a professional recruiter is the only way a company can truly identify the very best candidates.

Expert recruiters provide the following advantages:

  • They save your organization valuable time and money by providing a short list of well chosen candidates that have already been identified as an “excellent fit;”
  • Experience allows recruiters to know who will be successful in certain positions and who will not;
  • They can assist you in better defining any given position – this allows for making a better match;
  • Seasoned professionals know where the best candidates are. Most of the best candidates are not actively looking for a new job;
  • Recruiters can work with both employer and recruit to help structure an acceptable offer. During salary negotiations the recruiter serves as a buffer removing most of the emotion from the process. This approach results in reaching the best agreement for all involved.

Here’s what you should expect when using a professional executive search firm:

  • A commitment to a successful, completed search that delivers outstanding candidates and an excellent new employee;
  • A sense of partnership that, in effect, makes the recruiter an extension of your company;
  • An experienced recruiting team that will give your search top priority, and is an exemplary representative of your company;
  • An investment by the recruiting team and search firm in understanding not only your business, but your company’s culture and environment; and
  • The use of the most advanced technology available in garnering candidates for your consideration.

How do you find the best candidates for the position in today’s market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!