Hire a Headhunter? Are YOU Kidding ME?

Hire a Headhunter? Are YOU Kidding ME?

Sound familiar? Your Human Resource team is small, underpaid, overworked and they think you can find a hard charging Vice President of Sales on your own. Plus, your company wants a sales leader who will make an IMPACT.

Hiring a Vice President of Sales

Reluctantly, you took on this assignment, passing it to your most senior HR team member and gave her a newbie as support. Responses to your posting on the job boards ranged from “they could hit the send key, so they applied” to “pretty kind of OK.” Not one candidate stood out as a super star. Within no time at all the absence of your former VP of Sales is hitting the bottom line. You probably keep asking yourself: why’d she have to retire anyhow? Without her strong leadership skills, sales are slipping. Every day without a sales leader is costing your company thousands of dollars.

Responses to your online postings have been overwhelming. You expected the search to take one month at most. Four months have passed by with no results-except for hundreds of resumes from unqualified candidates.

Last week the CEO told you if this key management position was not filled with an “A Player” soon it would be a direct reflection on you. You know what “a direct reflection on you” means. You have contemplated hiring a search firm to help you, but you don’t want to admit defeat.

7 Signs you Could Benefit from a Headhunter:

  • A key player on your leadership team jumps ship.
  • Your HR team resources are too limited to conduct the search in-house.
  • The best candidates seem to slip through your grasp.
  • Your current candidate pool is a bummer.
  • No matter how hard you try, no “A Players” apply.
  • Your network is limited.
  • The cost of the vacancy exceeds the cost of a Headhunter.

As a busy HR Leader you don’t have the luxury of committing 100% of your time or that of your team to sourcing, recruiting and hiring the best available candidates. Finding top talent for their clients is the only thing a search firm does 100% of the time. Hiring a professional search firm is the most efficient and cost effective way to source top talent.

What if the Bus Driver’s seat is Empty?

Want to sell your boss on hiring a search firm? Calculate the job’s contribution to your company. Use a salary multiplier to figure it out. The more critical the role, the higher the multiplier. What is it? 5x? 10x? 20x? That’s what the empty seat is costing you. Hire professionals to get the job done the right way and the fastest.

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