How To Hire The Right Person For That Key Position: Your Professional Network Is Not Enough

How To Hire The Right Person For That Key Position: Your Professional Network Is Not Enough

When it comes to hiring, you must hire the right person.

You’re looking for the “A” player who’s a dead-on match. You want people to say: “Wow, she’s perfect for the job!”

Recruiting the right people to work for you can make or break your business.

What can mistakes cost? If you make a mistake, and fix it within six months, the cost of replacing that employee is still going to cost you two and a half times the person’s salary, according to a recent study.

Consider: a bad hire for a candidate earning $100,000 per year could cost, on average, $250,000.  You subtract that figure directly from your profits.

Mistakes are expensive not only in terms of the effort and money, but also time wasted thinking and talking about it, and in the deterioration of morale that accompanies employee turnover.

When it’s time to hire the right person for that critical position you need to consider the best people in your market — not the same roundup of usual suspects who happen to be “available.”

5 Ways A Professional Recruiter Beats Your Network Every Time (And Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Recruiting Firm)

    1. Research : Top recruiters use every professional resource available to uncover all the right people in the market, not just the ones on the market, including candidates that aren’t looking for new opportunities.
    2. Expertise : Top recruiters specialize in hiring the right people. They excel at evaluating the personal and professional experiences in a variety of industries to assure a match. (At Dise & Company, I’m proud to say we have a 92% close rate; one of the highest in the industry).
    3. Proper Fit : Top recruiters see beyond your aspirational “employer branding” to the unwritten and unspoken rules that contribute to how you get things done. This translates into a person that everyone trusts and enjoys working with.
    4. Negotiations : As a trusted advisor, your recruiter seeks the win/win at all levels. Including a compensation package that will motivate your new employee.
    5. Results : When you hire an employee through a recruiter, the person you hire has the “aura” of the chosen one. “She went through the wringer to get this job. They hired the best of the best, and assured a proper fit. She’s perfect!”

Relying on your professional network is simply not good enough.  Pulling a few resumes out of your drawer, even the ones that “look really good” doesn’t cut it.

You can’t afford to hire a “B- Player.”

Good enough just isn’t good enough.

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