I fired Frank – he roasted my company on social media . . . NOW WHAT?

I fired Frank – he roasted my company on social media . . . NOW WHAT?

I fired Frank, he roasted my company on social media… NOW WHAT?

  • Terminating employees stinks.
  • Procrastinating is bad leadership.
  • Just “getting it over with” can ruin your Corporate reputation.

Just when you think you have seen everything, think again. Terminating Frank can have many unintended consequences. Losing his job and his income stream might cause Frank to lose his mind. 

Frank may not have said much when you terminated him. Deer in the headlights, tears, deafening silence… watch out. While physical violence can be devastating, Internet-based problems can have financial impact for years… Now what?

Who wants to be on-site to help you with the termination meeting? With over 8,000 termination meetings over nearly three decades, at Dise & Company, we have learned that we need to be there.

On-site assistance from an experienced Outplacement provider can be critical to protecting your Corporate reputation.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Script a concise communication plan. Include a reason for the termination, a “why” that works.
  • We take care to provide immediate support on a human level. Frank can’t hear this from you.
  • Assure Frank that we have a job search plan and will help him execute it.
  • We coach Frank on what he will tell his loved ones about his job loss, and what NOT to say.
  • We help Frank understand that going silent on all social media is his safest step until he has a job search plan underway. We give him immediate steps he can take to begin the plan.
  • We let Frank know that roasting his former employer on social media could make him virtually unemployable.
  • Recognize that the first 48 hours is critical to Frank’s job search success and your Corporation’s reputation management.

Jan18-Blog_BattleLines_A.jpgTermination is unpredictable. Contact Dise & Company for our Termination Tips and avoid making a difficult situation worse. mgonska@diseco.com