Is Your Executive Staffing Prepared for Growth?

Is Your Executive Staffing Prepared for Growth?

In a growing company, recruiting qualified executive staff is critical to sustaining growth. You may already have your company’s business plan in place to travel the exciting pathway to success, but execution will be the challenge. You realize that you cannot do it alone nor can you rely only on the core group that has gotten you this far. The journey requires a talented executive staff with proven decision-making skills and project management capability.

To borrow a phrase, these types “do not grow on trees” and they are not likely to be wandering past your door. Realistically, talented candidates are already gainfully employed, working in positions that may or may not be effectively challenging their skills or feeding their ambitions.

Create the Organization

You cannot expand your executive staff without understanding what you must have to achieve your objectives. Each company is different, there has never been a one-size-fits-all organizational template. Analyze your current staffing situation, overlay your projections, and determine the types of executives, managers and professionals you will need to drive your planned growth.


Executive hiring mistakes are costly and can be devastating to your business.

Define the Position with Care

An accurate and enticing job description is a fundamental recruiting tool. Can you create a job description that precisely matches your needs and that encompasses the conditions a top performing executive may consider? Education, experience, and skills may be your essential requirements. But note, promising candidates will focus on your company’s market position in and growth potential. They’ll keenly study the responsibilities, performance expectations, title, chain of command, and pay level.

A professional executive search firm with proven human resource consulting expertise can position your job description honestly, accurately and impactfully to attract the most qualified candidates. Uninspiring job descriptions will underachieve.

How Do I Search for the Best Candidates?

As an owner, your days are spent building the business, maintaining momentum, or keeping afloat. You have little time to devote to attracting top candidates to your door, particularly when discretion and confidentiality are necessity.

Working with a proven executive search group that understands roles and the organization of a growing business is your best option. An aggressive, professional search firm will become your partner and is far more likely to find the best candidates for your consideration.

What an Executive Search Company Can Do for You

Proven candidates may be working elsewhere in your industry, possibly even with a competitor. A professional executive search company partner can approach these candidates discreetly and confidentially, kindle interest in your position and prescreen individuals to determine whether their skill sets match your needs. The recruiter’s job is to “sell” the position sufficiently to nudge the individual from a level of little interest to a high degree of enthusiasm for the possibility of joining your growing company.

Advantages of Using a Proven Executive Search Firm

Executive recruiters can go venture you should not. They are experienced at reaching out to potential executives with a wide range of professional techniques and resources. And they will maintain confidentiality throughout the search.

In a shorter time than with any other means, your executive recruiter will develop a viable pool of candidates, prescreen them, and narrow the pool to the best 3-5 candidates for your review.

In short, a professional executive search firm:

  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Knows where to look
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Will be vetting all potential candidates
  • Will produce qualified finalists for consideration
  • Will consult and communicate during the search process

Hiring the best executive staff is your key to success. Retaining the right professional search team is how you will recruit the right executive staff.

Is your executive staffing prepared for growth? If not, what are you going to do to help your company see success? Share your thoughts in the comments!