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Home Page

  • The photo in Our Services under Executive Search icon (woman shaking hands) is the same photo we use on Outplacement page. We can’t use same image for both.


  • We approved the photo for Advantages of Professional Search – but it could be better. Every time this copy block appears on a page, it can have the same photo (see sections below where this appears.)

This might work:



About Us Page (opening page)

  • We need to come up with an alternative to the Dise mug (as has been discussed).


  • Under Success Stories: Nonprofit Executive Search: Thinking Outside the Box…the narrative is too brief and does not explain the out-of-box thinking (let’s expand this by a few sentences to explain that candidate did not come from academia etc.)

Also, here are the photos we provided: 







  • Add Stacey Polk profile and photo to Our Team


Stacey Polk, Senior Advisor, Recruitment

Stacey Polk has more than twenty years’ experience as an executive, legal counsel, and consultant for both profit and nonprofit organizations (including political bodies) that serve diverse constituencies. As co-chairman of LCR Enterprises, she directs project development, team building, strategic resources, and budgeting within LCR’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) suite of services. She brings this expertise to Dise & Company in a consulting capacity as Senior Advisor, Recruitment.


Stacey is currently a member of the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership, an organization dedicated to the long-term health of the Doan Brook that impacts Cleveland communities from Shaker Heights to Lake Erie. This role evolved from her service to the Doan Brook Restoration Project as a consultant to the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio EPA, State of Ohio Historic Preservation Office, and the City of Cleveland.


In addition to being a member of the Mt. Zion Congregational Church (UCC) and the Cleveland Museum of Art, she (together with Henry Butler, CEO of LCR) is a charter member of the Uptown Business Association in University Circle created to promote a thriving commercial environment within this world renowned cultural, medical, and educational center.


Stacey is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and earned her JD from Georgetown University Law Center. At the core of her standards is the belief that lasting success in business and institutional growth are what honor and foster diversity—and that decisions around DEI will impact organizations for generations to come.





Our Services

  • Opening page

The photos with the icons should be the same as on the Home Page.


  • Nonprofit Executive Search Page

These were our photo suggestions:

We work with an array…



Finding the right candidates…



(The Advantages of Search photo should be changed — the same photo can be used whenever this copy block appears.)


  • Corporate Executive Search page

Photo for Finding the Right Candidates (this should be the same photo as on opening page)



(The Advantages of Search photo should be changed — the same photo can be used whenever this copy block appears.)


  • Outplacement Opening Page

The photo behind the copy block “Your people make the difference. Our people get it.” should be changed. Whatever photo we choose for this, it can stay the same for whenever this copy block appears.


  • Corporate Individual Outplacement (we asked for the word “Corporate” to be dropped).

The photos we suggested:


Individual outplacement is good for your business…



Our outplacement ensures a smooth transition…

The original photo we suggested is now being used under search, so let’s try this one (it is an engineering/tech photo that we don’t have yet)



The proven benefits of outplacement….


(I am unsure about what this image should be. Suggestions welcomed.)



There are a number of good photos we found that have not been used that we could consider:


Minority candidates





Group outplacement



Young businessman



                Businesswoman in hospital















Stacey Polk - Dise Co. - Senior Advisor for recruitment