Just say NO” to Mr./Ms. kNOw-it-All”

Just say NO” to Mr./Ms. kNOw-it-All”

Combat the negative person in your workplace.

Do you know anyone who is  always looking for advice? But as soon as anyone offers up an idea or suggestion, his or her common response is: “NO – that won’t work!

Do you know anyone who wishes they could be recognized for their brains and creativity, but have “NO ideas ” about how they could add value?

Do you know anyone who constantly complains about personal problems, the economy or global competition.  Yet, when it comes to professional development, additional training or any improvement that requires additional effort on their part, they have “NO interest”?

When asked to consider new people, new ideas, new line extensions, diversification – you guessed it… their answer is “NO!

“Mr./Ms.  kNOw- it-Alls” are particularly common in today’s tough economy.

Although doing exactly the same thing and expecting different results may seem unlikely, “Mr./Ms.  kNOw- it-All” sees NO need to entertain other possible solutions.  Because everyone “kNOws” they won’t work.

How do you combat the Mr./Ms.  kNOw- it-Alls? Just say “NO” to their negativity.

  • Challenge pessimistic thinking and negative beliefs. Don’t let assumptions go unchallenged.
  • Avoid negative people. They are their own worst enemy and could become yours.
  • Avoid being sympathetic. If you are forced, through your position in the company, to work with a negative person don’t buy in to their road to NOwhere.  Tough love for tough times.
  • If all else fails, talk to your own supervisor or human resources staff about the challenges you are experiencing in dealing with the negative person. Your supervisor may have ideas, may be willing to address the negativity, and may address the issue with the negative person’s supervisor.

Note: Negative people will not bother to read this blog.  They already kNOw it’s just common sense.

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