My leadership stinks . . . NOW WHAT?

My leadership stinks . . . NOW WHAT?

My leadership stinks … NOW WHAT?

  • Micromanagement is not leadership. It’s higher pay for lower level work.
  • Delegation is emancipation. Nothing else helps you see organizational strengths and weaknesses. Delegation frees you to work on your business not just in your business.
  • Shooting down ideas assassinates the best minds on your payroll.

“What’s the biggest obstacle to  growing your business?” I may hear: We’re not hiring the right kinds of people.” “Turnover is really high.” I respond: “Wow…, that sounds like a leadership issue.”  True. Problems at all levels can be traced back to poor leadership.

Most business leaders feel constrained in taking business to the next level. Truth insight: often the biggest obstacle to business growth is leadership itself. What? How could the problem be YOU?

  • Micromanagement— If you’re inspecting or bottle necking every minute detail of your business, you’re the greatest contributor to your own mediocrity. Micromanagement is the antithesis of leadership. Your best people will leave, and you’ll be stuck with “C” players.
    Solution: BE A LEADER: Articulate your vision….“Getting people there on-time and with their underwear” – major airline.  Empower, trust others, and celebrate their successes.
  • Trust Issues— Allowing a task you’ve delegated to come back to you, is really relegating yourself to quality supervisor, and backup quarterback
    Solution: Be specific about the outcome, timeline and who’s accountable. Give honest feedback sooner, not later. See value in failing.
  • Shooting down ideas— Be closed to new ideas, your people will stop offering them. This leads to the “I tried to tell him, but he didn’t listen” syndrome. Worse, others may emulate your leadership style actively shooting down ideas before they even get to you
    Solution: LISTEN LOOK AND LEARN — Look for a visible “win” by Implementing a few high-profile ideas and give others the credit.

Don’t try to compensate for insecurity by being overly decisive or too nice. Be yourself and get out of the way. You won’t be sorry. Contact Dise & Company for our Leadership Assessment.