Our Executive Job Search Process Will Deliver Qualified Candidates to You

Our Executive Job Search Process Will Deliver Qualified Candidates to You

Hope is not a plan! Hoping the perfect candidate will walk in your door to fill your critical executive position is likely not to work. Engaging an experienced executive search organization like Dise & Company guarantees a plan that will.

Our process works to present you with a slate of qualified candidates.

Our process adds value to our partners because we deliver a slate of candidates that are all qualified and equipped to do the job your organization needs. While each search has unique needs, you can expect our core process to be used to create the right search plan for your organization.

Situation Assessment

We will work with you, the hiring executive, and your staff to clearly define what you want in your executive and why. We want to understand your culture to ensure behavioral fit and style. If appropriate, we will conduct focus groups or surveys to determine overall organizational needs.

Job Specification

Our team will work with you to properly document your job description. Does it tell a compelling story? Is it clear and easy to work with? Will outsiders reading it understand it? Does it tell a compelling story strong enough to capture the interest of desirable candidates? Most importantly, we will gain agreement with you and your staff that the requirements are right.

Job Scorecard

The Job Specification is clearly an essential first step, but the Job Scorecard is an extra ingredient to ensure that our search team and the hiring organization are in alignment. Most often, the job description is a listing of all functions and activities that someone is expected to be involved with on the job. The Job Scorecard goes beyond that to define the essential outcomes that MUST get done to be successful in the role. This allows us to find candidates who have a track record of accomplishment in those critical outcomes and expectations.

Sourcing of Talent

Once we understand your situation and the requirements of the role, we will tap into our extensive professional network and technical tools to find great talent. We will work with you to define target industries and companies that should be included in our research.

Initial Candidate Identification and Calibration

In the early stages of recruiting, we will review and discuss with you what we are finding in the marketplace. Do the candidates have what we are looking for, including compensation requirements? If needed, we will identify what’s working and what doesn’t and refine the process.

Recruitment and Candidate Presentation

At this stage, we will identify qualified and motivated candidates through intense interviewing against the job requirements and scorecard. We will review with you who the select candidates are and why we like them. When we have an appropriate slate of candidates, they will be scheduled for interviews with you, by phone and then face-to-face for final selection by you and your hiring team.

Offer Presentation

You prepare the offer, we will present it to the candidate. We will act as the facilitator between you and the candidate in the final offer process. Issues will be discussed and negotiated. Final background and reference checks will be completed as part of the final offer process.

Resignation Support

At this point, we will work with your chosen candidate through the resignation process, including helping your new executive prepare for a potential counter offer. We will work with you and the candidate to set a start date and maintain contact through the first day of employment.

At Dise & Company, we know that a well-defined search plan is essential to finding the most qualified candidate. With over 25 years in the retained search business, we have developed an approach that you can rely on to work for your organizational need. You can look to us as your trusted advisor in the search process, working for you and with you to understand your requirements and then executing our plan to deliver quality candidates in the shortest time possible.

How do you select qualified candidates during the recruiting process for executive positions? Share your thoughts in the comments below!