Project CFO: How to cope with the pressures caused by the downturn

Project CFO: How to cope with the pressures caused by the downturn

If you are in Finance or Accounting, or you’re an Executive charged with managing the P&L of an organization, you are probably undergoing a rather large increase in stress as you come to terms with financial conditions you may not have experienced before. 

What many people don’t understand is that when you are charged with ensuring the management of the day-to-day and at the same time safeguarding the health of the organization for the future, you are expected to maintain a certain image, and sometimes you can’t let your guard down.

And this is increasingly hard to do, especially if you’re moving into uncharted territory.

That is precisely what we’ve launched Project CFO:  a confidential consultation that is designed to evaluate the difficulties you may be facing to (1) identify staffing needs before they become insurmountable problems, and then (2) recruit the talent that will help you overcome the challenges that are keeping you wake at night.

Key Attributes of a Project CFO Consultation:

  • Inherent understanding of key leadership skills necessary to get the job done in any environment
  • Mature approach to understanding your corporate culture and what the ramifications are for finding the right candidates that fit your needs and your culture
  • Ability to craft a compelling story about why a highly desirable candidate should want to join your organization

If you’d like to take a short time out of your day—a confidential breakfast or lunch—where you can escape from the pressures of managing the day to day– with an experienced human resources professional who will listen to your story, then let me know by contacting me confidentially through our website.