Recruiting Requires Research?!?

Recruiting Requires Research?!?

Great companies hire great people to do great work. Life happens, people grow, they move on. The empty seats they leave behind must get filled. Top Human Resource pros never stop searching for outstanding new talent that can grow, innovate, invigorate and make their company more successful.

Research gets the best talent to your fingertips. Try these 3 key recruiting research 3 tips:

1. Understand Your Business

You’ve got to know the territory. Finding top talent requires understanding the business. Learn and comprehend your company’s strategic plan and annual goals. In the end, every business plan relates back to “the goals.” Without the right people, you won’t hit your goals.

Our Strategy

Your Dise & Company recruiting and research team will thoroughly understand:

  • Who you are
  • What your business needs are
  • Your company’s culture
  • Where you want your new executive to take the business

A key objective for us is to craft an exact profile of who you want us to find.

2. Work with Your Leadership

You must partner with your leadership team to uncover the specific requirements they expect. Frame the job description based on the qualities your leadership team says they are looking for. Get the requirements and characteristics on paper and get the key leaders to sign off on them.

Our Approach

The Dise & Company research team is expert at asking leaders the penetrating questions necessary to get to the perfect fit. Our clients are growing, they want more than a “placement.” What they want is a talented executive who can get them to the next level.

3. Qualify Your Candidates

Be sure to dedicate the time, resources, and effort necessary to find your top talent. We get that you don’t want to risk making the wrong decision for your company because the blame will fall on you.

It Takes a Process

Our Dise & Company research team dedicates full-time effort to getting research right. We dig deep to identify, qualify and engage prospective candidates for your mission critical, time sensitive positions. We use discretion and independent judgment to determine if the candidates are equipped to meet your needs. Many look like they will meet your needs, few actually can meet them.

Your Dise & Company research and recruitment teams have a full complement of recruiting solutions to find you the talented leaders and professionals you need. We are focused on providing research-based recruitment services oriented to your industry and the crucial requirements you’ve shared with us.

We will advise and support you based on your goals, so that we’re all pulling in the same direction. We become your advocate, promoting you and your organization to the outstanding candidates we meet through the recruiting process. We’re proud to say that we have a 94% close rate and 96% retention rate.

With a clarity of purpose, an alignment of goals and focused execution, you can achieve the change and growth you desire working with us on your next search assignment.

Are you struggling with finding a key person? Call us for insight on how to find your elusive candidate.

What does your research process look like in your company’s overall recruiting efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments!