Starting Strong Ensuring Long-term Success for Newly Hired Executives

Starting Strong Ensuring Long-term Success for Newly Hired Executives

Hiring a new executive can be the most important decision management ever makes for an organization’s future. A poor match can impact a company for years to come. A recent study showed that nearly 40 percent of new hires last no more than 18 months in their new jobs. In some cases, a clearly defined onboarding program and thorough orientation would have aligned the newly hired to the culture of the company and expectations for results anticipated by senior management.

Leading executive recruiters go well beyond the search to facilitate the new recruit’s alignment with his new employer. Failure to fit can be fatal for a great career, it can be fatal for an employer, too.

Starting Strong: A Radical New Way to Retain Key Employees

Ohio-based executive recruiter, Dise & Company, has demonstrated that effective executive placement is the result of extensive research, intensive search and robust follow-up. These crucial steps ensure that new hires and employers both remain comfortable with their decisions. Designed to get newly hired executives up to full speed quickly, Starting Strong is built on Dise & Company’s extensive knowledge of the client’s culture, clarity of the expectations placed on the new executive by management, and proven executive coaching tools.

Starting Strong begins before the new executive arrives on the job and frequently extends through the first year of employment. Starting Strong imparts personal and organizational insights that help the new executive acclimate more quickly. It enables her to acculturate and contribute faster and more effectively.

During the Starting Strong program, a Dise & Company coach remains engaged with the new hire for several months. Coaching and confidential dialogue encourage the new executive to develop internal and external relationships and build organizational knowledge necessary to function effectively in the new company.

Creating a Blueprint for Success

According to a Forbes magazine cited  study by  Academy of Management the first 90 days of employment are critical for establishing the eventual success of the newly hired executive. During this time, the new hire should be building rapport with management, coworkers and subordinates. This is where Starting Strong makes a tremendous difference.

The executive coach directs the new hire in mapping the new position’s path to success. Behavioral analysis, personality assessments, and clear short and long term goals are used to develop an executable action plan.

A Measure of Success

Starting Strong is one reason Dise & Company achieves a much higher-than-industry-average success rate in new hire retention. Combining intensive research and screening with effective follow-up training, executive recruiters can have far greater success in their placements. This portfolio of tools identifies the right candidates while ensuring they are well-prepared to take on the responsibilities expected of them.

Executive recruiters who are committed to the process from the absolute beginning until the new hire is comfortably positioned in the new job are invaluable. This commitment is critical to your company as well as to the new hire.

Dise & Company Executive Recruiting

To understand more about our executive placement success and extensive follow-up, request our executive recruiting whitepaper. It traces the successful journey — from initial discovery through recruiting and retention.