The Day LTV Steel Tried to Hire Me Back

The Day LTV Steel Tried to Hire Me Back

June 22, 1985 the general manager of personnel at LTV Steel laid me off. My birthday was eight days away; my wife was three months pregnant. It was late on a Friday afternoon. I was devastated. 

By December I’d accepted a straight commission job at Louis Thomas Masterson & Company. I sold and delivered outplacement services; I got paid only when the business came in. No salary and no benefits. I was full of anticipation. I was scared to death.

By March of 1986 I’d made nearly no money, suffered from telephone call reluctance and was down about my situation. Everything about the work was a struggle. Then the call from LTV came. “Ralph, would you like your old job back? We need you.”

I loved the steel business. I worked summers at US Steel during college. My work at LTV Steel had been fun and challenging.

But I said, “No thanks.” I rejected going back to a steady pay check and a business I loved.

My life long dream was to own a business. I had to learn to sell if owning a business was ever to be in the cards. There was no better or tougher decision I could have made. Now I have a better business than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, it’s my own. Go for it!