The Search Committee Got Lost

The Search Committee Got Lost

A twelve member search committee spent fourteen months reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, yet they couldn’t agree on their next president. They were stymied and not likely to solve their leadership problem by themselves. At her wits end the board chair was desperate to complete the search. To say they’d been spinning their wheels was not strong enough to describe their unfortunate situation. 

We gathered the search committee together and got them talking. We asked, “What are your expectations of the new president?” “What are your concerns?” “Where do you have disagreement and why do those disagreements exist?” “Where can you compromise?” And many more.

We said, “Your search committee is too big.”

We recommended a five person search committee. They read the rest of our recommendations about the type of leader they needed.

Our facilitation ended the fourteen month nightmare. We reached across the country seeking appropriate candidates. Within two months a new president had been selected. The big surprise? She had never worked in their field before. But her leadership skills were outstanding, she had a track record of success and she knew how to raise money. Five years later her organization is still growing and thriving with her at the lead.