Want to Attract and Hire Great Executive Talent?

Want to Attract and Hire Great Executive Talent?

Stop Doing These 3 Things

As a human resources professional, your job includes attracting and hiring great executive talent in order for your employer to succeed. When it comes to recruiting, it’s easy to make the wrong hiring decision without knowing it. A candidate may look perfect at first, but you really don’t know how her work ethic relates to her resume until you actually see her in action. There are thousands of things you can do to hire better talent, but start by cutting out these 3 common items from your checklist: 

1. Stop Limiting your Recruiting Efforts

Don’t limit your recruiting efforts to posting a job description. It’s just a list of duties and responsibilities. Instead, express the full scope of the role. Be specific. Clearly describe the outcomes you expect your new hire to accomplish and timelines for accomplishing them. Present a roadmap of accomplishments for 30, 60, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and beyond. We executive recruiters want to know why. We ask, “Why do you need this particular talent?” A simple question but one that provides valuable information way beyond basic role responsibilities. A good executive recruiter will help you determine your needs and how to express them to potential candidates.

2. Don’t Drag Out Interviewing Schedules

Great candidates are not going to wait around for you. Don’t drag out your interviewing schedule – keep it as efficient as possible. Be respectful of candidates’ time and recognize that repetitive interviewing is cumbersome and off-putting for both candidates and the interviewing team. Passive candidates (those your recruiter found for you) are highly desirable and often have time constraints – be sure your team is well prepared for interviews, and don’t ask the same questions over and over, Assign a different set of questions to each interviewer. A skilled executive recruiter can help you ensure that you present the best interviewing experience for both company and candidates.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Online Presence

Your online presence is crucial. People who know their skills are in demand are careful when choosing a new employer. Attracting talent is easier when an organization communicates a positive vibe and exudes an energetic culture. Promote your success stories through social media and be sure that your social media accounts present you and your company in the best possible light. Remember, an online search can bring up results that may or may not be so flattering; be careful in the names and keywords you link to your posts so that search results reflect your best company image.

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