Welcome Home To Cleveland and Northeast Ohio! A Roundup Of Business Friends

Welcome Home To Cleveland and Northeast Ohio! A Roundup Of Business Friends

It’s no secret. We love Northeast Ohio. The North Coast is a great place to live and work. This is a real story, and we asked some of our friends to help tell it. We asked them: 

“How do you welcome “outsiders” – out-of-towners, ex-Clevelanders who are moving back, even those from the global workforce? How have they helped your organization?”

On vacation, Ralph enjoys rounding up cattle. At work, he rounds up opinions on important topics — a business roundup! Yeehaw!

John Milgram ~ Welcome back to Cleveland! If you’re looking for a job, just network your heart out.  Here are some reasons you’re going to love Cleveland:

1. We have way more great restaurants than you can ever eat at.
2. We have more square acreage of beautiful, pre-WWII suburban living than most any city our size, and even some larger. And you can afford to live in said neighborhoods, if that’s your thing.
3. We have the most spectacular summers, and if you like to be outside, this is your place. Bike, run, golf, CVNRA, sidewalk café, boat, swim, ethnic festivals, hike, walk, motorcycle, sail, Metroparks, tennis, skydive, cookout, baseball, horseback, mountain bike, waterski, rock on the porch, skateboard, kites, frisbee, softball, jet ski, canoe, camp, hang on the patio, Blossom, . . .
4. Traffic? What’s that? (Of course, you can’t just speed around town; there’s potholes to dodge.)

Don Groom ~ A warm welcome back from someone who left and has now returned.

I was born and raised in northeast Ohio. I left after college when I went into the Army where I met people from every corner of the country. Career has taken me to Columbus, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, the New York City metro area and, thankfully, back to northeast Ohio. I have NEVER felt the need to apologize for being from northeast Ohio nor have I been embarrassed to be a native. It is a perfect area in which to live. People are unpretentious and sincere. We have a broad mix of ethnicities. The cost of living is very affordable compared to the “more desirable” metro areas. We have everything one could ask for to support quality of life including leisure activity resources, dining that ranges from nationally-recognized destinations to local hangouts, the arts, and professional sports teams (“professional” currently being debated).

Gary Szelagowski ~ Welcome back from someone committed to staying in Cleveland.

As you are aware, I persevered quite a protracted search of my own due in no small part to a commitment to stay in Cleveland. A lot of that was about family and friends, but there was much about what else we adore about Cleveland. The caliber of colleagues with whom I’ve had the privilege to work is top notch. The sense of partnership and teamwork are unparalleled relative to my (admittedly limited) experience with colleagues elsewhere.

Most notably, the quality of life in Cleveland, I believe, is hard to match, perhaps impossible to top. It begins with affordable housing. Once settled in a wonderful, affordable home, travel about the region is far easier than that in larger cities and even some of comparable size. Travel to where? Our MetroParks – the Emerald Necklace of green space surrounding the city – is unique and perhaps one of our best kept secrets. Professional sports, the largest theater district outside of New York City, a steady stream of pop concerts and events, high caliber museums, the list of places to go and things to do is quite impressive.

Coming full circle, all of that coming with talented, friendly, welcoming, culturally diverse folks. (That diversity had led to a wide range of delightful dining options!) My experience with how “outsiders” have helped is limited, but one strong testimony of how my organization values the talent here: 6 years after acquiring National City, PNC continues to operate numerous large facilities here and run a daily shuttle between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Sherri L. Beedles ~ Welcome home from someone who loves Cleveland!

We typically coordinate having our potential candidates take in an entertainment activity which can include but are not limited to sports, theatre and sites specific to Cleveland the waterfront and the Rock n Roll hall of fame. It is a part of our onboarding process. It keeps us engaged on what Cleveland has to offer its community.

Roslyn Chao ~ Welcome home from someone who’s recently returned herself!
“It’s a great time to return to Cleveland because the city is undergoing revitalization!  NE Ohio has developed a spectacular food scene with a diversity of impeccable cuisine options available.  The arts scene is second to none – we have a world-class orchestra, art museum, and the performing arts scene is building a more enriching display of all that is amazing about the visual and performing arts.  There are so many new arts-related museums available in the area as well.  There will be a world premiere performed by the New York City Ballet in Cleveland in October.  Cleveland!  And, of course, we have a host of professional and minor league sports.  Our Indians went post-season with a strong 10 game win streak to end the season last year!  Go Tribe!  The Browns and Cavs have dedicated executive teams that are trying to bring championships to the area, as well.  Cleveland offers amazing value in education – top notch programs for liberal arts, engineering, business, and medical professionals.  Our health care systems are also globally-recognized as the best in cardiovascular care and many other areas.  The community is so responsive to finding creative solutions that fix problems in the area.  The area has so many wonderful parks and places to do outdoor activities, and creating bike lanes in many communities to encourage greener forms of mobility.  The cost of living is so reasonable that families of all income levels can afford to make plans for their children to attend college, while still being able to enjoy all that the NE Ohio has to offer in terms of arts, sports, recreation, dining, and travel.  Even the snow is great!  Every time it snows, it just reminds me how grateful I am to be back in Cleveland.  Most of all, I like being amongst kind, caring, and friendly people!  So, when I hear that there’s someone who’s returned or someone new in town, it’s thrilling!  What’s not to love?

Robert Haas ~ Squire Sanders

Most of our hiring is done locally.  However, we have an opportunity to welcome back many law students to Cleveland by hosting lunches, dinners and receptions at venues in and around the city during the summer.  We also invite them to attend sporting, cultural and other popular events.

Those who relocate to our Cleveland office for a summer experience or to accept a full-time position share their positive experience in the city with others.  Many times they peak their friends and family interests to return to Cleveland.

Organizations like Executive Arrangements do a great job in selling our City to Applicants and Transferees.