What Happens When Companies Hire Executive Talent Using a Different Approach

What Happens When Companies Hire Executive Talent Using a Different Approach

At Dise & Company, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and personal relationships with a genuine passion for matching great people with new positions that best utilize their experience and skills through our  executive search process.

Enjoying What I Do

After many years as an executive recruiter, my job still doesn’t seem like work. Each day, as I communicate with clients and candidates, I derive enjoyment from the stimulation that comes from working with interesting and talented people. Each candidate or client brings unique gifts and insights to our conversations. I’m always learning something.

Building Relationships

To provide long-term successful executive search solutions, I’m required to have a lot of knowledge and information at my fingertips. I have a wide circle of relationships that allow me to formulate answers, solutions and insights. I’m closely associated with some truly fantastic mission-driven organizations in fields such as economic development, arts and culture, healthcare, faith-based and independent schools. As a result of these relationships, I have recruited many outstanding candidates to excellent career opportunities.

Throughout the years, many of my successful candidates have needed to find qualified candidates for their organizations. When they come to me with this objective, it’s because they  know I’ll find them the talent they need. And I’ll do it quickly.

A Change of Direction?

As Director of Executive Recruiting at Dise & Company, my preferred approach is to help candidates see themselves in a new light. Many talented individuals project themselves only in a specific role, even though their skill set and abilities may be appropriate for many other positions.

For example, I once recruited a talented attorney who was unsatisfied with her legal career as a prosecutor. She was desperate for something more rewarding. As a result of my intensive interviewing process, I identified her as someone with the discipline, intellect, and leadership ability to be an effective nonprofit executive.

This former prosecutor accepted a position in Fund Development and was eventually promoted to Assistant Executive Director. I am proud to say she gives me credit for “broadening her horizons.” Today, she is in a senior leadership role at a major healthcare facility.

Understanding Organizational Needs

When an organization comes to me to find a new executive, I learn everything I can about short and long term plans, the expectations that will be placed on the new hire and the organization’s culture.  I search deeply to visualize and identify the type of person who will be successful in the role. Whether the organization is a business enterprise or a nonprofit, executive presence, operational, and financial skills are essential to the organization’s success. I need to make sure every candidate has these key attributes.

Executive Search: Making a Difference

Executive Search can impact the entire balance of one’s life, the direction and even the level of happiness that a candidate will experience in her new assignment. The results of a successful executive search should change an individual’s life in a positive way and bring greater success to her new employer. I’ve been particularly fortunate to have impacted many people and their employers over the years.

Is It Time to Look for Better Candidates for your Executive Positions?

The world is filled with opportunities. Finding one’s best course is more than a matter of luck. My success comes from intensive interviewing, learning as much as possible about each candidate and his capabilities; then matching skills and passions with the right opportunity.  This is hard work and demands a broad range of knowledge and experiences.

Similarly, it is important for companies to extend their search for the right candidates beyond their current sphere of influence. Time and time again, Dise & Company provides Executive Search services to help companies find the best candidates in each market. Take a look at our case study to learn about Austin Powder’s proven results through our candidate selection process.