Why Dise & Company Stands Out

Why Dise & Company Stands Out

Articulating what sets one firm apart from another can be difficult. You often hear the same adjectives, the same overused buzzwords and the same distinguishing features.

Team Experience

With different backgrounds  and networks each of our Dise & Company team members brings a unique perspective and understanding to the table, which benefits our clients by offering insights leading to outstanding ideas and solutions.

Executive Recruiters

Each of our executive recruiters has at least 20 years of practice and relationship building and is adept at identifying company culture and fit. The goal of forming a strategic partnership with you is accomplished as a deep understanding of your business is formed. Our contact with clients and candidates throughout the recruiting process is disciplined and focused, carefully building momentum to keep your search on track. Our executive recruiters are experts at bringing two sides together quickly and efficiently. They stay connected with industry leaders and meet with up and comers regularly.


Our researchers are knowledgeable in many industries. They know healthcare and they know manufacturing. They know professional services and they know nonprofits. They’ve explored chemicals and explosives, private equity and commercial lending. There is hardly any field or enterprise that they haven’t studied or identified key candidates in. They are resourceful in their work, skilled at many channels of technology and they network constantly.

Corporate Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Our career transition team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have spent decades assisting companies and their employees in the difficult circumstances of staff downsizing. We work with decision makers early on to ensure that bad news is delivered in a humane and dignified fashion. Our experts help employees who have lost their jobs leave the premises with their heads held high, ready to take on the challenge of finding their next career position. When business leaders and owners use our team to provide corporate outplacement and career transition services to their former employees, they have confidence that their employees will land on their feet.

We provide services that engage highly distraught people quickly and effectively. We make it possible for laid off employees to move quickly to their next career opportunity.